Compomachines will be the following:
  * C64 (old or new) with a 1541-drive and an Action Replay VI cartridge
  * GameBoy Color (with 64Mbit Bung-carts unless you supply something else yourself)
  * Other 8-bitter like ZX Spectrum, C65, ABC80, etc - if you supply the hardware
  * Amiga 500 (mc68000, KS 1.3/3.1 with 512Kb chip, 512Kb fast)

The default rule is one compo for demos, one for music and one for graphics. When people give us their contributions we'll see what we kind of entries we get most of (like c64-demo or GBC-music etc) and if we get many contributions of one kind (demo, music or gfx) for a specific machine, we will have a separate compo for it.
We will be able to display gameboy-stuff on bigscreen. At first we were supposed to get a Wideboy (for those of you who know what that is), but since the US dollar is more expensive than ever compared to the Swedish krona, and since it's just so damn expensive anyway, we will solve this in another way. Anyhow, whatever solution we chose, you can count on it being a solution offering really good quality of graphics and sound. (Of course we don't accept emulator-solutions, since we don't really consider anything like that a true solution at all.)
Since we want to support the tiny little GBC-demoscene, and since some people contacted us and asked nicely, we have decided to accept remote GBC-entries for the compos. And with "remote" we mean that creators of GBC-entries don't actually have to attend the party to be allowed to enter the compos. Not everyone has the possibility to travel to Sweden. As long as you make sure we have the romfiles containing your contributions before that weekend everything will be alright. However, remote contributions will not recieve any fancy prizes or stuff, since we think that would be a bit unfair/boring to the people actually present at the party.
No previously released entries alrightpleasethankyou.
Compodisks will not be returned. (GBC-carts will of course be returned)

There's only one demo-compo, and you have to choose one of the following machines to run your demo on:
  * Commodore 64
  * GameBoy Color
  * Other 8-bitter like ZX Spectrum, ABC80, etc - if you supply the hardware
  * Amiga 500

Again, there's only one compo for all machines and music formats, and the choices goes something like this:
  * C64: Executable files only (everything from drive-music to 16ch digimusic is allowed)
  * GBC: Supply executable ROM-image or cart
  * Other 8-bitters: Supply the hardware along with executable software
  * A500: Any exotic amiga-format which is playable in DeliTracker or is an executable file

Yet again, one compo for all graphics. All techniques are allowed, but obvious bites/scans/frauds will be torn apart by furious wild horses. Accepted formats:
  * C64: Executable (all resolutions and VIC-tweeks allowed)
  * GBC: Supply executable ROM-image or cart
  * Other 8-bitters: Supply the hardware along with executable software
  * A500: IFF image (any PAL OCS/ECS resolution, no AGA)

The compo deadline is set to 21:00 saturday evening, and the galactic battle itself is going off at 23:00. (Deadline for remote GBC-entries is thursday the 27:th. Make sure I have it by then so you donīt email it 11:59 thursday night or something like that.) The battle will be judged by a jury consisting of Hack'n Trade + about 4-5 other independent people. We do it this way since voting takes lots of time and gets boring for everyone anyway. For the anxious ones, we promise that we give the fuck about who recieve the prizes and that we will simply give the prizes to the entries we believe are the best, regardless of who created it. In fact, I can't even figure out any reason why we would want to do anything else anyway. We believe nobody should have any objections to this solution since it's we who arrange this whole thing for you people, and it can't really be seen as unfair if we also have the right to decide who will recieve prizes. HT members will be allowed to enter the compo too, but won't be allowed to win any prizes. (So, for example, if someone HT-guy ends up at 3:rd place in some compo, then the third prize will go to the one at the 4:th place.)

We will have some more original battles both aswell - both computer and non-computer oriented - mr most-unhealthy-looking, gaming (suggest your favourite 2P+ games for compos!) ultimate fighting, burping and so on. We'll come up with more surprisingly annoying battles.

There will be prizes and awards but don't expect to get lotsa cash or expensive stuff for a winning demo here.