Party over! Thanks to all the 89 computer lovers showing up at BFP making it just as weird as it should be. Check the archive for hot stuff. Photos are available too. Please let us know if you have photos we may add to the archive. Now enjoy the results and releases:

General Data Demos
Rank  Title                            Creator                  Point
1     Derealization (Atari Falcon 060) DHS                      7.743
2     Superstudio (Amiga 1200 020)     La Paz                   6.885
3     Floppy 3d Demo (Atari ST)        TUC                      4.965
4     Cyberdreams (Amiga 1200 020)     Klaxx                    4.818

General Data Music
Rank  Title                            Creator                  Point
1     Outrun Highway E6 (Atari ST)     Timbral                  6.551
2     Check Your Dick (Amiga)          Spot/Up Rough            6.333
3     Vafalls! (Amiga)                 Goto80/Hack'n'Trade      6.241
4     Beats in Springtime (Amiga)      Qwan/Up Rough            5.724
5     Techno Warrior (Amiga)           Dr Greyskull             5.037

C64 Demo
Rank  Title                            Creator                  Point
1     WW III                           Fairlight                7.900
2     Trans*Form                       Focus                    7.894
3     Motivation 2                     Wrath Designs            6.575
4     Electronaut                      Triad                    6.473
5     Jesus and Clowns                 RetarData                4.942
6     Dinosaurs BFP                    Dinosaurs                4.638
7     Knackebrod                       Hema                     4.375
8     Little Lame Intro                TUC                      4.281
9     Dataapan tar sig                 Apan i baken             3.485

C64 Music
Rank  Title                            Creator                  Point
1     Prästens Dotter                  Dino/Up Rough            6.914
2     Diskmachine                      Goto80/Hack'n'Trade      6.428
3     Friday Life                      Susanne/Durex            6.250
4     I've Lost It                     Zyron/Oxsid Planetary    6.242
5     Deep Thoughts                    Klegg                    6.166
6     Reveko                           Yoki/Up Rough            5.928
      Insects                          RadiantX                 5.928
8     Drone City                       Qwan/Up Rough            5.642
9     Vom                              Jucke/Judas              5.392
10    I Could Eat A Knob at Night      Puterman/FLT             5.222
11    Amreps                           Zzap69/NoName            4.892
12    War of the Local Sins            Johey/d4rkn3ss           4.406

Rank  Title                            Creator                  Point
1     Summer                           Mermaid/Creators         7.848
2     Street Dog                       Redstar/Logic            7.100
3     Obstacles                        Sander/Focus             7.064
4     I Paint Da World                 Spot/Triad               6.875
5     Princess L                       Twoflower/Triad          6.628
6     Verschreiklich                   DCMP/Triad               5.758
7     Immortal                         Nightlord/Civitas        5.720
8     FIB 1979                         Dino/Up Rough            4.892
9     Cyber Fascist                    Sevs/Panda Design        4.866
10    Hard Deadline                    Dbug/Creators            4.782
11    The Admiral                      Christopher Jam          4.750
12    Gfx                              Stacyfux/CCH             4.043
13    Katt                             Mindcooler/Sys5          3.821
14    Unnamed Art                      Tao/Triad                2.800
15    N-Joy                            Crazy Dutch Guy          2.000

C64 Game (Tour De France)
Results of Final Round:
1. Fix/TRSi
2. Vinzi/Hack'n'Trade

Also, three C64 tunes meant for the C64 music competition did not end
up there, but was never handed in to the organizers due to heavy boozing. 
However, here they are so you can enjoy them now at least.

 2006-07-30 : Party over.

 2006-07-27 : Frantic is leaving his hometown to get to Helsingborg now,
 which means that there will not be any more updates on this homepage until
 after the party is over. People who has not signed up yet, but wish to show
 up can do so. There is enough space. See you all of you maniacs tomorrow!!!

 2006-07-27 : The partyplace is officially open from 13.30 on Friday.
 (..and we're beginning to clean it up around 12.00 on sunday.) Also, two
 more ads were added to the buy & sell section.

 2006-07-26 : On saturday we will supply a (quite simple) breakfast for free.

 2006-07-25 : If anyone drives to BFP by car and is able to pick up one
 or more of RadiantX (Katrineholm), Zabutom (Linköping) and/or Buzzie
 (Norrköping), they would be most happy.

 2006-07-25 : Guru Meditation will show up with some nice hardware (mostly  amiga) to sell. Watch out! Also added a request from Morphfrog in the Buy
 & Sell section on this page.

 2006-07-23 : Added an AD from Taper in the Buy & Sell section just before
 the list of visitors on this page. Check it and notify me if you want to
 add your own ad there!

 2006-07-19 : It's getting closer, and closer and CLOSER!!! By the way, if
 you want help with transferring your disks to PC, talk to Trazan/Hitmen
 at the party or send them to him in crazy Stockholm and he'll do it for
 you (and for

 2006-07-13 : There was a temporary technical issue with the contact/sign
 up email specified on this page (it didn't work). So if you've sent emails
 over here and didn't recieve any reply, please do so again. Sorry.

 2006-06-27 : 64 people signed up now! The party is getting closer. Some
 nice demo rumours circulate!

 2006-04-04 : Two days in the air and 32 people signed up already!

 2006-04-02 : Inivite sent to people all around + site opened!

When?: 14.00 Friday July 28 -> 12.00 Sunday July 30, in the year of the holy kalsong 2006.

Where?: Helsingborgs Mjölkcentral, Mejerigatan 0, Helsingborg, Sweden. After previous years parties in nightclubs we take it one step further, moving to a industrial complex. We are going to worship our blue screens in an old milkfactory that closed down in 1992 and was recently taken over by the former TipTop crew (who also hosted the previous Floppy party place). If you have been to Floppy or LCP before, this place is quite different. The building was constructed in 1960 and is rough enough to handle any databoy, but yet stylish in a swedish funkis kinda way. Unlike LCP or Floppy this place is a bit off from the citycentre making the experience even more disconnected from day to day reality.

Sign up: Send a mail to

Invitro: Get the C64 invitro (d64) or read below...

How to find?: If you come by car or bicycle, check maps at We have very good free parking possibilities all around the partyplace. If you come by train or ferry you just take a 10 min cab or CityBus #3 (towards Västergård) from the station to Mejerigatan. If you come by aeroplane, you also go to the Helsingborg Centralstation (called Knutpunkten) first, and catch a cab or bus up to the place. If you teleport yourself, don't forget the yellow brills!

Why?: Last year (2005) Frantic did the last LCP at Skylten in Linköping and moved down to Lund in the south of Sweden, and during the same year the TipTop club in Helsingborg closed forever, So something FRESH was bound to happen. The idea to clash our parties together has been around since the last LCP, and it may be a one time experiment event in 2006, or not, so you better grab hold of your balls if you got any, and direct the pointer to Helltown this summer.

Entrance Fee: For only a hundred swedish zloti's you will be transformed into a zombie. (No need to pay in advance.)

Comfort & health: Hard floors, No showers, Few toilets. Big Floppy People will not, and shall not, be a healthy event. In fact, we embrace the filth of computer culture. You choose to live the data wildlife. And so do we.

Formats: c64, Amiga, Atari, Spectrum, anything low-tech. Dont bring your ugly laptop unless you code and simply cannot do without.

Features: The best from both LCP and Floppy. The breakfast saturday morning, The HT Crew messing about with the bigscreen and soundsystem, nonstop Freestyle Demo-DJ'ing with everyone behind the drives. Soundmats of blips and blops, a superb stench of men who sweat infront of electromagnetic fields, people going -woOOhh! around some table as some coder show sneak previews of new parts, tour de france joystick shaking madness, well, you know the score. Afterall, its mostly you, the guest that creates the party. We just steer up a place where you can make it happen. (Although, of course, we're doing our best to make you smile.)

Compos: C64 Demo/Music/Graphics, Amiga, Atari, SNES, Gameboy, Spectrum, + more sick shit. Saturday at midnight MC Frantic vs S.A.M with Floppy + HT Crew behind the machines will unleash contributions in a wild mix of chaos and ordnung. We will supply two c64's with 6581 SID and 8580 SID respectively. There will also be an Amiga there for modplaying and graphics. If you are planning to release a demo we encourage you to bring your own machine. This also goes for other platforms. Contact us if you've got questions about these kind of issues. Compodisks are kept. We totally refuse to take compo entries from people not present, so you better be there when it happens. Not just because you want to participate, but because it's a special feel when all the combatants share the same room during the premiere show. If you've got other stuff you want to release at the party - like music disks, tools, games and stuff like that - feel free to hand it in to us, and we'll make it available among the releases from the party. So you better start working on your entries right now!

Food & Drink: Within a 1km distance there is a supermarket, a burger grill, a MC Donalds 24h Restaurant, several 24h petrol stations, a couple of pizzerias, a takeaway thai restaurant etc.. and in the same building there is a catering-service that can throw good homemade food at you if you pay them a little money.

Rules: Smoke outside.

Buy & Sell: We encourage people to bring stuff just lying around in the basement. Chances are someone will appreciate it, a lot! It's a good opportunity to exchange stuff without the hassle of shipping stuff all over the world.

Taper says:
If interested in 14" EGA monitors, with tube and chassi (no plastic casing), complete and boxed, notify Taper for a trade or cheap buy! These monitors can be used as arcade monitors for a selection of medium resolution arcade games (for example: Gradius IV, Paperboy, Sega Rally Championship, Virtua Fighter and a lot of other SEGA and ATARI games). Please note that they are not standard CGA 15khz monitors!

Morphfrog says:
I need to buy a disknotcher and a 1541-II powersupply! Bring to BFP if you have for sale!

Linde says:
I want a PAL Amiga 1200 or Amiga 600. I don't have much money but for trade I will bring: An Atari 520STFM, a broken brown Commodore 64, a tape deck, a A1200 mobo and an A600 mobo both of unknown condition. I also have a lot of Amiga power supplies and a billion DD-disks. If I find my Blizzard 1230MkIV (or III) I will bring that too.

Mathman says:
I will bring some goodies from the Rebel Pet Set web shop to sell at the party. Don't hesistate to contact me if you want to take a gander at the warez!

The People Who Can't Resist:
#% : Nightlord/Glance [Turkey]
#% : Radiantx/Panda Design
#% : Moh/Panda Design
#% : Hollowman/Fairlight
#% : Yoki/Up Rough
#% : Magervalp
#% : Kaustic/Galm
#% : Morpheus/Flash INC
#% : Skate/Glance [Turkey]
#% : Mindcooler/Sys5
#% : J/SGR&ThcOutput
#% : Mathman/Hack'n'Trade
#% : Trident/Active
#% : Riddler/Active
#% : Gosh/Hack'n'Trade
#% : Sledge/Fairlight
#% : Moppe/Oneway
#% : Hydrogen/Glance [Turkey]
#% : Johey/d4rkn3ss
#% : Vodka/Fairlight
#% : Maktone/Fairlight
#% : Mogwai/Defiers
#% : DCMP [NL]
#% : Booger/Hack'n'Trade
#% : Beverly Hills Copper/Hack'n'Trade
#% : Linde
#% : Dirty C/Unity
#% : Eleric/Galm
#% : Twoflower/Triad [SWE/NL]
#% : Alchemist/TUC [UK]
#% : Krona/TUC [UK]
#% : Fortytwo
#% : Crazy Q - DHS/Creators/Ym-Rockerz
#% : Minksler/NoFX
#% : Nutsack/NoFX
#% : Violator/NoFX
#% : Itch/NoFX
#% : Motley/F4CG
#% : Zzap69/Noice
#% : Vinzi/Hack'n'Trade
#% : Blackdroid/Wrath Designs
#% : Oxidy/Wrath Designs
#% : Avalon/Wrath Designs
#% : Puterman/Fairlight
#% : Zyron/Nostalgia+Oxsid Planetary
#% : noph
#% : RaveGuru/Instinct
#% : Wix/Mippotronic
#% : Kop
#% : Dino/Divine Stylers/Up Rough/Judas
#% : Dbug/Creators^Defence-Force [FR/NO]
#% : Fred/The Gang
#% : Shrydar/Christopher Jam [Australia]
#% : Goto80/Hack'n'Trade
#% : Tao/Triad [SWE/FI]
#% : Crimson
#% : Sander/Focus [NL]
#% : Scout/Silicon Limited [NL]
#% : WVL/Xenon [NL]
#% : Tch/Brutal/Crest/Oxyron [NL]
#% : MRT/Red Brand [NL]
#% : Exile/Anubis [NL]
#% : Fierman/Phantasy [NL]
#% : Doc Bacardi/The Dreams [DE]
#% : Uncle Tom/The Dreams [DE]
#% : Spot/Up Rough
#% : Qwan/Up Rough
#% : Anix [US]
#% : Deez/Evolution
#% : Gizmo/DHS
#% : Evil/DHS
#% : PeP
#% : Mortimer Twang/Up Rough
#% : Trazan
#% : Grokk/The Gang
#% : Grip/Pixelmagic
#% : stu/drop da bomb [CH]
#% : Ramzeus/The Gang
#% : Morphfrog
#% : Redstar/Logic
#% : Orbiter/Galm
#% : Stuntgitarist
#% : Shoe
#% : Guru Meditation
#% : Ca$h/Triad
#% : Zabutom/Fairlight
#% : Rambones/Ancients [DK]
#% : Devia/Ancients [DK]
#% : Lotus/Ancients [DK]
#% : Timbral/DHS/YM-Rockerz
#% : Pragge
#% : Klegg
#% : Fix/TRSi

Contactz: ...and the organizers themselves of course. For further information, questions and/or swapping, catch us on IRCNet #c-64 or contact us at:

#% : Frantic/HT (sign up to this adress)
#% : Jucke/Judas
#% : Taper/Triad
#% : iopop/Triad
#% : Skyhawk/Laxity

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